The Rainy Season and Summer in the Jungle

My moods are like the tropical jungle that surrounds me. At times the wind blows hot, and I am angry, I am moody. Then the rains come, the tears falling endlessly to soothe my inner sadness, to quench depression’s thirst. A midsummer storm, lightning flashing like the biplolar flares that drive my frenzies.

A cool breeze at night, under a beckoning moon, I welcome you deep into my quiet places. Listen to the palm fronds as they brush past each other, rustling. Clouds run over the moons face, an owl calls low in the slash pines.

This is a place of mystery, of discovery, a canvas of our Creator’s grandeur.

I am out here, by the beautiful Ocean, the wave’s endless crashing echoes to my wild spirit at  times of change. Like liquid silver I learn and grow, trying to understand myself, to understand my place here. I know that I must help others, it is in me now to try.

maybe by helping my fellow humans I will find peace and rest.

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