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How Do I Do? a poem of sorts

I am totally mixed up- headed for a crash all I have created- right into the trash. where will I be when the smoke clears? who will I be when the time nears? I hear voices all the time now’ can no longer recall which one is mine, I mean to call or drop a […]

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Been Away, a poem by Susan T. Martin

   all the fear, for all those years spent broken, spent frightened spent. awake now, knowing how feel inside, heal outside heal. would you know? how could you know never told you, afraid to hold you afraid. perfect plans laid, got the debt paid freedom? slavery? freedom. traveled long way, got back today missed home, […]

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That Brave Girl

The decision to enter my painting in an art show at a real art gallery was easy to make. I believe I am being motivated by fear, having learned while Pops was in hospital that I will basically be destitute after he dies or if he must be placed in a home. I had always […]

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Why Do I Hurt Myself?

I answered his call tonight. What a foolish foolish girl. I knew that it was wrong, to talk to the abuser, but I did it anyway. After years of being strong, of cutting out the gangrenous heart of me. How could I sell my broken soul out so cheaply? I knew he would say something […]

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A Poem Written for a Forgotten Reason…by S. T. Martin

Ode to my Father who Alzheimer’s took: A filthy thief, a nasty crook. A man much adored by I, obscured by madness, left to die. I care for him in his disappearance-vivid, charismatic, brilliant, delirious. He who counted the planets, could name all the stars, Now his stare’s distant like he’s gazing at Mars. Oh, my dear Father,who Alzheimer’s took: You […]

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Feeling Any Pressure in Your Chest?

Wow. I have been asked that question many times over the past week or so. The answer is YES. I DO feel pressure. Yes, I AM out of breath. Yes, I AM terrified. I suppose you deserve a little insight here. If you are a follower, you know I have (many) health issues. I thought […]