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The CLEAN Effect!

      Yessssssss….Deep inhale….Yessssss…. .  There is often some bright speck, a teeny-weeny glint, in the midst of devastation. Often this tiny glimmer of good goes unseen for years, decades, even centuries. I’m sure there have been major disasters where no bright side was ever found, the loss being only that. A loss. Losses. […]

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A Little Better/Thanks to Friends

I must not complain. I MUST NOT COMPLAIN. I MUST NOT COMPLAIN! I MUST NOT COMPLAIN!!!!! I hope I am getting better about that. When so many have, and are, suffering SO MUCH. I shudder to think how it must sound to people who had to say their last goodbye via cell phone. My own […]

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A Sampling of Poetry for Your Perusal, Gentle Reader…

What a bunch of malarkey, huh? I once knew where that saying originated (malarkey), but now I’m not sure… See, I digress in my first sentence! (bad, bad, bad…) I have been totally bee-boppin’ manic today, for whatever reason. However, I am determined to post some of my poetry tonight, I will not rest until I […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I have many treasures. I am a “Keeper of Unusual Things”. I like to think of myself as a packrat, who looks more like a possum. I happen to think possums are incredibly cute, with their little vampire faces and rat-like bodies and tails. I know, this is contrary to public opinion- but I have […]