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The Zing of Kebraland: 39 Steps (con’t)

(we come back to see Princess Alzira still bound in the bottom of a large well) .        “Alzira…Alziiiiiiira…..Princessss….” A faint lyrical voice was calling, calling this strange yet beautiful name: Alzira. Princess Alzira… Why did it seem like the voice was calling me? In this dream was I a princess?  Was I the Alzira they […]

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Fanning A Flicker

In my last post here on The Wind, I shared how ashamed I was to not want to help myself get well. Upon further reflection the episode was cringe-inducing, and I must confess, my statements were  frightening! Back in pool playing days my motto was, “It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the […]

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this is tough, this being me. i say all kinds of euphemistic things: endure, be brave, be faithful… a memory stirs, i am back to missing you. i am glad you are not suffering. i am glad the pain is gone. but here i am left, wondering. how do i carry on? my life is like […]

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I am feeling a bit more positive than I was in this morning’s post, Dad got up for a while around 2pm, I laid on the couch dozing on and off, keeping my eyes and ears on alert. He fell on Wednesday, big gash on his head, poor Pops. It happened while his caregiver was […]

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Been Away, a poem by Susan T. Martin

   all the fear, for all those years spent broken, spent frightened spent. awake now, knowing how feel inside, heal outside heal. would you know? how could you know never told you, afraid to hold you afraid. perfect plans laid, got the debt paid freedom? slavery? freedom. traveled long way, got back today missed home, […]

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We Are Home…Aren’t We?

He sleeps hours on end while I fret. He sits up in a recliner while I cook and fret. He gets up to pee, yep, I fret. He fights me over using his walker, my fretting heart pounds, fretting hands shake. He is sad that he scared me, I feel guilty for that-and that makes […]

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Moving Images by S.T. Martin2012

 moving images out of the swirling mists of time images flit like scenes on a movie screen. her dark hair in short cut, smooth and sleek, lying coyly against perfect curve of cheek. next image of child with chopped-off bangs standing forlornly in kitchen doorway, little striped cotton pants fall low, eyes peer cautiously into […]

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A Poem Written for a Forgotten Reason…by S. T. Martin

Ode to my Father who Alzheimer’s took: A filthy thief, a nasty crook. A man much adored by I, obscured by madness, left to die. I care for him in his disappearance-vivid, charismatic, brilliant, delirious. He who counted the planets, could name all the stars, Now his stare’s distant like he’s gazing at Mars. Oh, my dear Father,who Alzheimer’s took: You […]

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Long Distance Lullaby

Where are you in this world? Are you in a war torn land, alone and wondering if anyone knows you are out there? Don’t worry- I know you are there. And I care that you are there. I want you to know that I am here, knowing you are there. What are you looking at […]

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What Color Is Despair?

what color will you paint my soul? what color will you paint my soul? blues and greens in endless dreams what color will you paint my soul? what color will you paint my life? what color will you paint my life? blacks and reds of endless strife what color will you paint my life? what […]