A Bad Review-Nothing New! Poo!

Lol…My “New Sue Review” got stuck in the mud yesterday…stuck in a giant bowl of banana pudding, I should say! And a small container of fudgy, crunchy, cakey Gelato layered dessert…and another one of butter pecan! (pronounced “pee-can” if you live in South Carolina, “puh-kahn” if you are a northerner who thinks they are above reproach…) Oh, and all of the above was preceded be a large portion of homemade Chicken Picatta which I adore. All with a generous sprinkling of Goldfish crackers and pita chips.

Did I happen to mention that I had been sick with stomach pain and digestion issue before yesterday’s Binge-O-Rama? No? Well, I had. Quite severe pain,too. Bad enough to make me fast for a couple days, then start a low fat, bland diet. Quit sugar for a couple days as well. I know I was sick to take these measures! However…All that was rent assunder yesterday!

So, you ask, how am I feeling today?

Yucky, pukey, bloated, fat, ugly, lethargic, down, disgusted and sick, all wrapped up in a puffy-faced messy-headed wreck who can’t seem to get out of bed.

Interviewer: ” Miss Susan, the viewers are wanting to know if you will recover. What can you tell them?”

Me: Groaning,” I used to think so, but now I’m not so sure(groaning)…I think there was something wrong with the burger on Wednesday…(moans and squirms)

Intervier: ” Could it just have been the enormous size of the burger?”

Me: “Oh…well…I hadn’t thought about that..”