YUM!! pies,cakes,cookies

FINALLY, I AM MOTIVATED to get out the pie pan, peel and slice the apples, roll out the crust and get crackin’!!

I love to bake, when I celebrated different holidays as a child the whole cookie and sweet baking traditions became dear to my heart. It was not often that Mom would get the mixer out, when she did there would soon be heavenly aromas and spoons to lick! (This was back before all the eggs carried Salmonella! I would advise against licking any bowls or spoons in this day and age!)

The weather this winter has been chilly for a longer span of time than is usual here in subtropical Florida. Back in the day I used to long for winter to bring relief from the searing heat down here ( I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA.) but now I fuss when its below 50! So I have been in an extended baking mood…oops, my pie is spilling over, just a second…ok, I’m back!

I have not had a working oven in my gas stove for at least a year now, probably two, so I had lost some weight in the past abstaining from my ‘baked goods addiction’. However, as I mentioned, this was not by choice. Then, about four months ago my dear friend gave me a convection oven/regular oven/dehydrator all in a compact counter-top model. I love it!! Couple that with an uptick in my earnings, added on to this cold snap and my baking/sweets addiction and *BOOM* I have the personal Super Bowl of dessert delights going on in here!!

Right now I have my very own variation of a Swedish Apple/Almond Crack Pie in the oven, and the bell is about to ring…so See Y’all!! You can hear me humming ‘Mmmmmmm…’ all the way downtown!!