The Great Zing of Kebraland: 39 Steps

     Part 2: 39 Steps on the Wall

.   It seemed so strange to lope along the Highway at night, with all the Satellites blinking green and red in expanse above. And what about Tiny, riding on my head? Was she here for some purpose I did not as yet perceive?…

.   “Yup.”

.   I gave a little Shiver at the sound. “I thought you were asleep…”

.  “Ya know Goof, maybe you’re not the man for the job….I mean, number one – You’re not a man, Number 2-You’re not very smart-”

.   “Wait a minute, Tiny!” I tossed my head to show my disapproval , nearly dislodging him,” What makes you say I’m not smart? I got a 500 on my ZATS!”

.    ” Well then, what am I? ”

.    I snorted, “A ridiculous little owl who picks on me…”

.  “AN OWL… AN OWL, Goofy… We are nocturnal. We are NOCTURNAL. “

.  Good heavens, all he wanted to do was play games with my head, not focus on my purpose, which would need plenty of deep thought and strategy.

.  ” Do you have a strategy, little Zebra?”

.  ” Why do you keep sneaking into my head, Tiny?”

.  “That is immaterial , Child. The fact is that I am in your head, and have set up shop here, like I was told to do. You must learn to work with me, to save Kebraland from destruction.”

“Tiny, I think you are loopy, but if you were sent to help…I accept it. If you are really in my head, then why do I see you? And why do you wear that silly, er, cute little hat?

And do I need to talk out loud to you, or can we just think our thoughts together? And do you have any name but Tiny? Cause I have a name…”

.  ” Clear your mind. Don’t ask so many questions…about my hat, especially.

beige and black hat near swimming pool
a hat Tiny would like…( from the free photo library)

And  about the thought thinking thing: can get into your head and read your thoughts, and offer suggestions, but You cannot. The reason being, that I am here to help you. Also, Tiny is my name. And I already know your name, because I’m in your head, Alzira Alexander Alizabeth, Princess of Kebraland!”

.   I really was feeling rather ‘goofy’ now. Dizzy too. Why had he called me Princess? The deep woods seemed sinister now, and a cold north wind began to blow. Leaves flew past, and a chill went down my spine…”Tiny? Tiny? Can you read my mind now? I’m frightened…where are you Tiny? I’m so scared!!”

black road
Photo by Mark Plötz on

.  There was no answer, and the darkness seemed to swallow me! I was falling, falling, twirling down and around until all thought left me, and my world went black…

“wake up!”

wake up!”

“Huh? no…no…go away!WHAT?” I had been deep in a strange dream, fighting with huge ladybugs in tuxedos, and they were all wearing fedoras and hitting me with feathers!!! Now I was fully awake, but disoriented, as I opened my eyes in the dark. Suddenly I felt something tickle my snout. “What the..? Who is that? TINY? WHERE AM I?” I tried to leap to my feet, but could not…”HELP! HEL-”                                                                “Shut Up! Quick, Shut him up!

.  A rope tightened around my muzzle, effectively quashing  my screams and whinnies. I felt a pinch and heard a high pitched whisper:

“Listen Zebra, and listen good. We are the Men of Mice, and we’ve trapped to here in the cistern. There is only one way out, and we have it blocked. You have to stay here until you decide to help us. I’m going to loosen this rope, but you must promise to stay quiet…”

.  ” Ok… I’ll stay quiet… Is there any way to get some light in here? I’m afraid of the dark…”In reality I wanted to see this well they claimed to hold me in…And where was Tiny? Did they get him too?”

Just then a tiny beam of light shined in my right eye.

.  “What is that?”You’re blinding me!!”

” You said you wanted light, so my mate went and got a flashlight.”

.  “Well, shine it up in the air! Or on the wall or something! Not straight in me eyes!”

.  “Oh, sorry dude.”

The tiny beam moved to the wall, and I could discern in the glow a group of mice, wearing tool belts and hard hats. (Hats again!)

The light wavered, then went out. I heard tiny voices swearing and cussing each other, about whose turn it was to recharge the flashlights.

. ” Hey, you guys…. Hey! Did an owl fall down in here with me?

There were 50 simultaneous gasps of horror…”An owl? An owl! An OWL! ahhhh!!!! Run! RUN! RUN!”

.  I could feel furry little bodies leaping onto me, over me, around me. Then all was dark and silent again, except for the circle of night sky far above me, with twinkling satellites to soothe me. I decided to gather my strength and rest. Tomorrow it would be light, and I could see how to climb out, away from the Mice of Men and their little toolbelts…

.                             to be continued…

Author: ST Martin

I am an Artist, Poet and Author. A Survivor of Violent Sexual Abuse and Rape, I have lived thru Severe Domestic Violence, Twenty Three years of Addiction and Alcoholism, Family Dysfunction, Chronic Pain, Dependence on Opioids, and 2 Venomous Snake Bites...I have Been Stabbed, Shot at, Tied to a Tree and Choked Unconscious. A Quarter Horse Rolled on Me, as did a Lawn Tractor. I also Wrecked a Harley into a Tree! I also have PTSD and Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder, and spent my 18th birthday in a Locked Psychiatric Ward. I am so much more than this: I feel like a tiny seed that sprouted in a desert, and now has grown into a Passion Vine. My Art is my Voice, Screaming, Crying, Praying, Loving, Laughing, Healing- all in Riotous Color...