I make Incredible Unique Art out of Vintage Copper and Aluminum Molds (remember Jello Salads?) These are really beautiful and unique, and amazingly, they sell! No, not like hotcakes, not yet at least… But steadily, like a slow drumbeat, hopefully gaining speed and moving towards a drumroll!

The one in the featured image is now in the permanent Collection of The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation, and will be shown at the Zolla/Lieberman Art Gallery in Chicago, Illinois beginning October 25th, 2019. The show is entitled Insights III and showcases the amazing creative minds of artists (like me !) with Bipolar Disorder.

Ryan Licht Sang was an amazing young genius who lost his life to Bipolar Disorder, and His Foundation brings awareness to the plight of those with Bipolar Disorder, and helps teach about the illness so we can lessen the stigma for those of us who suffer. Also, The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation pushes for a test to be created by Medical Science to locate a “biomarker” so people can be diagnosed early-as Kids, and hopefully have a chance at better treatment, even one day, perhaps, a cure….

I must remember to be kind to myself. To be proud of myself for how far I have come in this Crazy Life with this disabling illness. I really am something, aren’t I?

Side Detail of “SPRING HEARTS” in permanent Collection of The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation
SPRING HEARTS, mixed media on vintage Copper Mold by Susan T. Martin

.  I was also honored to have one of my paintings chosen last year to be included in Insights II,  and shown at the Zolla/ Lieberman Gallery ! It was entitled, ” Crossing the Delaware, Well Aware”and I’m sure I bragged about it here on The Wind. It is one of the founding artworks establishing the Permanent  Collection of The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation, and a source much joy to me. I treasure the honor, and especially the friendship of Dusty and Joyce Sang, Ryan’s dear parents. I hope so much to attend the show again this year!

“Crossing the Delaware, Well Aware” in the Collection of The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation

Author: ST Martin

I am an Artist, Poet and Author. A Survivor of Violent Sexual Abuse and Rape, I have lived thru Severe Domestic Violence, Twenty Three years of Addiction and Alcoholism, Family Dysfunction, Chronic Pain, Dependence on Opioids, and 2 Venomous Snake Bites...I have Been Stabbed, Shot at, Tied to a Tree and Choked Unconscious. A Quarter Horse Rolled on Me, as did a Lawn Tractor. I also Wrecked a Harley into a Tree! I also have PTSD and Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder, and spent my 18th birthday in a Locked Psychiatric Ward. I am so much more than this: I feel like a tiny seed that sprouted in a desert, and now has grown into a Passion Vine. My Art is my Voice, Screaming, Crying, Praying, Loving, Laughing, Healing- all in Riotous Color...