Feeling Foolish

It’s funny, because I spent so much of my life uptight and self- conscious, that now I do not care what others think. That , after all those years of constriction I am now free! And some would suggest that I am stranger now than I ever was.

The only person whose opinion matters is Jehovah. I don’t want to shame him, of make anyone think that being one of His Witnesses causes one to be strange. It does not make a person strange to love our creator: It makes one beautiful , and “with it” and “cool!”

Because loving and following the highest personage in the Universe is the highest pinnacle of self improvement one could ever achieve. Improvement that shines from within, that radiates to all in His love.

We can become closer to perfection, though we can not achieve perfection on our own, we can reflect God’s love off of our clean and shiny persons. One day we will achieve perfection through God’s gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, in  a time not too far in the future.

But for now, we keep trying, we keep striving to make God happy, to make Jehovah God’s heart glad!

There is nothing foolish about that!