Welding Class!

I am so stoked, learning metalworking at the Morean Art Center! had my 2nd class last night, excellent teacher/artist: Dominice Gilbert, who began welding and sculpting with metal at the age of 17! She does absolutely beautiful  work, and I am excited to be learning from, a master artisan.

I posted my “Intergallactic Dragonfly” due to the fact that I had to use construction adhesives to assemble it , as I did not know how to weld or solder. I did not use a respirator, and as a result, scarred and inflamed my lungs, out of ignorance.

I want to continue sculpting with metal, and now that I live 10 minutes away from the Morean Art Center and Hot Shop in Downtown St. Pete, new vistas are spread before me!!


(I am determined to put my service to God ahead of my art)… Thank you God, for allowing me to live this amazing life!!!