Very tired.

One of the days when my bones feel like broken crystal

and my mind feels like mud.

sadness, lack of restorative sleep,

more sadness, less sleep

equals very tired, very hurt girl.

the highs always come with the lows

tied together.

dreams of freedom,

reality slapping me silly.

what to do? what to do? ask I

all I must do is too hard for me now.

struggle to keep eyes open,

struggle to see any light today.

pray for mercy,

knowing that the time for relief

is coming.

but is not yet. is not now.

focus my blurry eyes on distant day-

seems far away,

but I know the promise is certain.

going to lie down now.

wait for glimmer of happiness to return to my dark heart.

wait for spring, wait for daffodils.


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