Dream River by S.T. Martin

Sadness and Joy, Freedom and Pain.

intertwined, flow through my heart,


changing as the seconds pass.

My being feels the pain of a tree


when a leaf is torn too early,

or a raindrop fails to fall


The river cries out in my dreams:

poison steals her breath,


algae silences grouper screams,

dying a man-made death.


my hands are filled with blood, O God!

my heart with the wretched guilt,


as a human on this dying Earth

covered in muck and silt.


How do I clean the land and sea-

how do I clean my heart?


how do I teach my fellow man

to do as mankind ought?


my skin hurts to see the sadness

etched on all survivors


of quake and fire, landslide mire,

the rush of rising waters


find safe haven, oh my dears,

run for the horizon


the war is inching ever near,

the flames are rising higher


my faith kicks in and the rain begins

to ease my hopeless outlook,


fire is quenched by His waters of life

flowing down from His lofty throne


i realize now it is His fight,

and He will win it alone


I must stand by with eyes of faith

see our grand salvation


He will stop the killers

of our garden home


saving Earth, saving man-

left to live His perfect plan


a paradise for all of us

happy man, happy animals


soon the real life will begin

only love is needed.


Peaceful dreams come-

i laugh at troubles,


starlight shines on clear waters.

morning light flows through blinds,


mess head pokes from yellow covers

my fears float away in bubbles.


with the dawn my body lives,

your embrace, my mind expands.


my thirst is quenched in kisses,

and the air tastes like dreamsicles.


1st revision of 1st draft,

Dream River

Artwork and Pictures 058 Artwork etc. 125 by S.T. Martin, c. may 4 ,2015

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