A Humble Invitation

evening comes as we gather

meal arranged, the table set

in the silence grows our wonder

not knowing why we thus have met.

God watches all, in His grandeur,

angels stand beside His throne

His Son is close to life-blood giving

to pay for our sins, not His own.

two thousand years, and many days,

His promises will soon be realized:

His perfect Son, only-begotten,

with Holy Spirit has been baptised.

sky above looks much like this one.

face of humans still etched with pain.

His Son the Christ walks among them

helps the sick their faith regain.

we observe what Jesus commanded,

unleavened bread and drink of wine.

to the annointed this meal is granted

at Jehovah God’s appointed time.

Jehovah invites all His people:

Please come to this Memorial.

Honor our God, praise His judgement

His Son the Christ has conquered all!

So one day soon, in God’s time

the time for suffering will be gone.

For all He promised has come true-

The King enthroned-the battle won!!!

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