A Stiff Wind off the Ocean

Feeling Sad and Tired
Feeling Sad and Tired

Cleo 1-31-12 024





lungs expand. (rather shallow, i think.)

breath releases. (little rattles, i hear.)

eyes blink.

heart beats.

eyes blink.

heart beats. (pounding a bit, i ponder.)

thoughts race.thoughts race,thoughts race.

thoughts race,thoughts race,thoughts race.

(much stress, much stress, i know.)

shoulder throbs.

back aches.

neck tightens.

hands burn.

feet pinpricks.

arms tingle.

( relief soon?, i beg.)

(i’m so sorry, i pray.)

dream awake.

pain follows.

deep inside.

pain invades.

(i’m too young, i cry.)

look up.

brilliant sky.

look around.

beauty abides.








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