Dreaming a Dance

I am borrowing a line from a fellow blogger who has a rescue dog. The dog has a wild poopy dance, and since she lived in a crate for her first 8 years of life, Rachel said: “She must have been dreaming this dance her whole life”. You can read this post on The Cricket Pages, a WordPress blog I enjoy very much.

Those words, though, they got me thinking…

A song has started inside my heart, swirling, soaring and free.

I Try to dance, it tears me apart, the notes screaming their way out of me.

i reach through the bars of this crushing cage into the deepest of nights

and dream i’m a ribbon released in the wind, flying till it’s out of sight!

willing myself to learn steps in a waltz that no one has ever taught me,

i will whirl and cavort , my face to the sun, till someone shows up with the key!

This poem is dedicated to Butterfly.

aren't i the cutest thing you've ever seen?
aren’t i the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

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