Who Do We Think We Are?

  Not only is that the title to my favorite Deep Purple album, it also has a lot to do with what is on my mind. I have been researching my ancestry, and found some really amazing things. I could not wait to tell people about my pin dot of royal blood, and I diligently wrote it all down to show everyone.


   I finally figured that it is a rather nasty trait to brag, and people who don’t have really cool ancestors are jealous of people like me who are related to Meriwether Lewis, and King Edward III. No, nobody wants to hear it, so I am left to foist it onto you, Gentle Reader.

   Yes, I am a humble daughter of Sicilian wheat farmers on my Dad’s side. But WAY,WAY, WAY back on my Maternal side, I have a line that is documented to go clear back to Noah himself! I guess that sort of thing was very important to the top brass in the royal families, but in reality every human on Earth today can trace their ancestry to Noah, and from their to Adam and Eve. So, I guess I’m really not that special after all.

   And the Bible tells us to be humble, anyhow.

  So I don’t expect any curtsying when you greet me, nor any ring kissing…

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