Stretching my boundaries!

Ooooohh! Wonderful mania, come to cause me to wriggle some more! My efforts scattered to the four winds, my mind on sensory overload, my mouth stuffed with Pop-tarts, and I am wanting to work on three sites at once…This is after my sleepytime meds!

The caregiver who comes to help with Dad seems to know a lot about Bipolar Disorder, maybe that is why she cleans like a maniac! No, she is very helpful, but the funny thing is how stressed I gat when I know she is coming! I wind up sweeping mopping and doing the dishes right before she gets here to do all those same things!

That clinches it, I am a nut. (This infernal tablet types what IT thinks I want to write! It just made me say, I am a but.) I do not think they will write a movie about me falling in love with this little monster.  goodnight, dear friends!

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