A Wee Bit Late.

Ohhh, this teenie keyboard! I just don’t know how you young ones do it! Gotta have good eyes, I guess!
Did I ever tell you about the good eyesight I used to have? Man-I could slice the paint off a nine ball, and Nine-ball was my game. It was like some beautiful ballet, and I knew the steps. I had dreams, boy, big dreams. I played on a Ladies Tour of one kind or another for years, always chasing a tournament win. Hell, even coming in the money once would have been nice.(sad smile…)
Sure, there were a couple little wins in local stuff, and once in the ’90’s I even played in the “Great Bahama Shootout” and came in second while suffering from an acute case of bacterial pneumonia (like that would have changed anything!) But no, I was never as good as I thought I should be. Which takes all the joy away, in case you didn’t know.
It would always be the next tournament, that would be the one! Unfortunately, my aging joints wouldn’t wait for me to catch Alison up at Soaring Eagle. I had just purchased my tour card for 2013 when I had the accident, and as the year passed and I realized I couldn’t play anymore…well, it just knocked all the fight out of me. I didn’t realize how much it still hurts…as the tears well up.

Did you ever feel that you were always just one minute late for your life?

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